10 things to remember while you work out

On August 11, 2011 by LordFury

Hello everyone, this is your online training coach Yuriy Nagorny.So today I decided to go light on you and discuss 10 things to remember while you work out.
These 10 things are typically forgotten and/or not done, but they are extremely important because they are the things that speed up the building muscle/burning fat process and most importantly prevent injuries and bad thing from happening. I give this list to all my clients, when they sign up for workouts with me, so I decided to share this with all of you as well!

  1. Spirit – Be ready mentally
    You have to commit and be ready to workout. You should have your ‘workout action plan’ ready to go before jumping in – this includes making sure that your family (kids, spouse, loved ones, etc) are aware of the time you need and with minimal distractions. Turn that TV off and record your favorite TV show if it’s an absolute must that you see it – remember that reaching your goal and being healthy are more important than watching “Snookie” getting punched in the face or “Dr. House” making a sarcastic remark. Another important part of being ready mentally involves making sure you are well rested.  Don’t decrease your sleep just to squeeze in a workout as this will do more harm than good, slowing your metabolism, wearing down muscles and overall bringing yawning to your face instead of motivation.  Take a “Before Picture” and tape it to your fridge as a constant reminder of where you started. Perhaps tape your favorite celebrity to the fridge right next to your picture to motivate you even more (female if you want to be like someone or better, male if you want to think that you need to get in shape for that hottie to be attracted to you). Take measurements of your waist, chest, arms, legs and all other problem areas. Write down your strategy with realistic goals and milestones and tape it to your fridge. Finally meditate and imagine yourself already in the shape that you want.
    Don’t be scared to look silly just do it! Get motivated! ( I will do a whole post in the future on the topic of motivation)
  2. Water – Drink Plenty of fluids
    This is probably the most important point in the list that people forget, or misuse all the time!!! You need water for better digestion, for higher metabolism, to stay hydrated, to not get a cramp, to keep the body temperature normal, to have energy (second wind). If you are dehydrated you could pass out, if you run without drinking water prior to workout you will get a floating rib cramp and run out of gas fast. I mean common, you should know better. It is usually a good practice to drink about two (16.9 fl oz) water bottles 2 hours prior to workout and another bottle 30-45 min prior to workout!. Also you should be sipping on water during the work out, but not too much, because you will get leg heavy, drink a very lil bit at a time during the actual workout
  3. Stretch – Stretching is the most important thing before and after the workout.
    Stretching prevents you from pulling or spraining your muscles, it also gets your blood flowing so you are ready for the warm up. Stretch after the workout aids in muscle recovery. Think about a boiling pot. If you place it on top of ice it will let out steam like crazy but if you slowly add colder and colder water it will gradually cool down.
    I will have a separate posts on just stretching but here is the quick list:
    (you want to stretch from head to tow, your neck, your shoulders , your arms, your back, your core, and finally your legs). The stretch should take no less than 7 no more than 15 minutes. It is important to breathe out during stretching.
  4. Warm up and Cool down
    This one kinda goes with the stretch. Warming up and cooling down eases you in and out of the workout. Prevents injuries, gets your heart pumping, your blood flowing and gets your mindset focused on the workout. This is not the same as the stretch. This gets the blood going so this is where you do some light cardio exercises, which are not as hard as your regular workout routine but get you pumped and get your head focused. This is where I would recommend doing some jump rope, treadmill intervals(minute run, minute walk for 6 min), and some punches and kicks
  5. Consistency – Gotta work out at least 4 times a week
    As I mentioned in the previous article “What Is the Right Workout For Me” you want to try to workout at least 4 times a week and around the same time.
  6. Mix up – Muscle Confusion, don’t just stick to cardio
    Also as mentioned in a prior article “What Is the Right Workout For Me” you want to alternate your days especially if you are concentrating on only one or two areas (ABS and Glutes)
  7. Rest  - push yourself but don’t forget to rest
    Very important especially for beginners. You should always, always, always allow your body to rest. That applies to resting in between your sets and resting between your workouts. You will be able to tell once you understand your body when you need rest and when you don’t, but as a rule check your heart rate after each set and make sure it doesn’t go through the roof before doing the next set. If you don’t know how to propertly check your heart rate you can
    a – check out this video

    b- get a heart rate monitor
    If you heart rate is too high, lower the intensity, or take bigger breaks. If it still stays up high consult your physician
    The rest between the workouts can be 24 hours or 48 hours but not longer!
  8. Supplements, nutrition plan
    Supplement your work out with vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino acids and a well balanced diet. ( Yes, I know easy for me to say, but not to worry I will be discussing the proper nutrition in the following posts)
  9. Sleep – rest is essential for fat burning and muscle growth
  10. Consulting with an expert, physician, nutritionist never hurts!


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