23. 09. 2011
Bicycle abs

Lower Abs Exercise of the Month – Body Tucks!

Hello Everyone, Your personal online training coach here. Since I’m slowly growing my blog and making it more exciting for everyone, I decided to add a new wow for everyone and do the...

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28. 08. 2011
Marketer with Marshmallow

Motivation – How to Get Your Man to Workout With You?

Well, due to popular demand I decided to finally post this article.WARNING: DON’T READ THIS ARTICLE IF YOU THINK YOU ARE PERFECT OR IF YOU ARE ONE OF THE WOMEN WHO DOESN’T WANT...

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11. 08. 2011

10 things to remember while you work out

Hello everyone, this is your online training coach Yuriy Nagorny.So today I decided to go light on you and discuss 10 things to remember while you work out. These 10 things are typically...

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11. 08. 2011

What’s the Right Workout for Me?

What Is The Right Workout For Me? It is the evening on the 1st of January, you just finished loading the last batch of dishes from the night before, your kids are in...

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