Men Vs Women, Fat loss vs Muscle Building, Apple vs Pear

On August 4, 2011 by LordFury

Hello Everyone, its your personal training coach Yuriy Nagorny!

So I decided that for my first blog post I am not going to be beating around the bush and will dive into some “WHY’S and HOW’S” that go through a woman’s mind as well as identify the most important differences between men and women.Finally I will give you the Good News and leave you with the final thought!
SO MEN VS WOMENImage from are most women wonder about one of these things:
How come I work out hard and try to eat healthy and I hardly lose any weight but my husband eats junk and doesn’t gain a pound?
How is it that men can lose weight and gain muscle so easily?
Why is my weight gain significantly more noticeable than his?

How do I know that women ask those questions? Well not only I know from my clients but also from my mother. When I was 17 years old I remember my mom and dad would get on a diet, and after one week my dad would lose 10-15 lbs while my mom would barely lose 5. It frustrated the hell out of her, which actually spiked my interest in helping people for the first time and made me question “why is that?” Needless to say my mother was one of my first clients! Eventually I will get an interview with her and post it on here so I can prove to you that what I am saying is from the heart and when I say something I know what I’m talking about!


The answer to all 3 questions is just one word – “TESTOSTERONE”. In fact it is the answer to a lot more questions. Testosterone is the reason why men become bald faster, the answer to why they are horny all the time, why they are mean at times, why they like to fight and definitely one of the reasons for why men lose weight and build muscle so much easier than women! I mean if you ever heard of women taking steroids (illustration to the right) or gone to a bodybuilding contest and seen the women that are, well – “Arnold Look A-likes”, it is not very pretty but in fact all you are seeing is a massive level of testosterone in a woman-  lol.   So testosterone is something women can’t change naturally and is the reason why man are genetically built to be larger and develop bigger muscles than women. That allows men to get away with eating unhealthy and exercise less. Bummer I know, but don’t fret too much, because women can easily even up the odds. Knowing that muscle burns fat and women don’t gain muscle mass nearly as fast as man if a woman picks up dumbbells and does some conditioning or as Mr Arnold Schwarzenegger calls it, “Pumping Iron”  then she will start developing lean muscle and the saddle bags will turn into sexy lean body. The benefits to weight training for women especially with kettle bells ,are not only weight loss but also prevention of a bone disease called “osteoporosis” and of course prevention of heart disease.


Women have higher levels of estrogen, a hormone that works to keep the fat on a woman’s body  so it’s easier for her to get pregnant. That means women have to work harder to lose weight at the same rate as men.

Also women have the feeling in their head that they not only have to compete with man, but also and most importantly with other women. Its true, while any man in reality wants to look buff or muscular for woman’s attention women almost don’t care about it at all, because “If my honey loves me, he loves me unconditionally no matter how I look” – 99.99999999% of women (OK, thats not a real statistic, its probably more like 80%, but I just heard that excuse for not staying in shape way too many times!). What women do care about is how to look better than their best friend or at least better than some other women. UMMMMM, hmmmm – here is my first advice  GET IT OUT OF YOUR HEAD!!!!!! Nobody is perfect. And everyone is absolutely different. As Mr Lewis Black (my favorite comedian) says: “We are all like unique snowflakes. What is good for one of us will kill the person next to you.Unique Snowflakes I mean if you want to look better than other women, I recommend going to the International House of Pancakes, because no matter what size you are, there will always be at least one person who is bigger than you or not as pretty as you are or whatever.  I mean that should make you feel better right? wrong! You should want to look better for you, for yourself and yes even for your “honey” and the kids. Yes, true love is unconditional but every man (because of testosterone) will appreciate you looking slim and sexy for him and that will boost sexual desire, and overall mood in the household and will open the door for complements, gifts, and praises. Um, it will also reduce the chance of cheating or looking for porn, or whatever the outlets the men seek. Yes I went there!


Have you ever heard someone say he is shaped like an apple or she is shaped like a pear?. Well that is because that is what men and women resemble when they gain weight. Most of the fat for men usually concentrates around the core of the body, in the midsection (beer gut and side rolls anyone?) where as for women it is below the waste. Yes once again, because of that, men are able to hide the fat more easily, and it is also easier to lose that fat for them because Ab Crunches burn upper mid section!!! 
But here is the GOOD NEWS:

  1. Being shaped like a pair is better for your health than being shaped as an apple! According to many many many medical studies those who carry extra fat mostly around their middles are at higher risk of developing heart disease than those who are bottom-heavy.
  2. There one gazzillion cardio and conditioning exercises that are out there, not one of them includes crunches, that help get rid of that problem area!( The exercises I will discuss in later posts as well as show in my upcoming eBooks will not only show you an exact step by step way on how to get rid of the fat belly but also will help you get rid of the fat on your hamstrings and even help reduce cellulite if you have any of course)
  3. If you follow my blog posts I will show you how to make your man help you physically and mentally because if there is one thing women need to learn is how to stay positive and how to feed off the positive energy of the ones that love them and how to think end result as oppose to numbers on the scale at the moment.
The road to losing the baby fat, losing a few pounds, making a lean body or gaining the control of your weight for the rest of your life is very personal because we are all very different and respond to different exercises and foods differently. Furthermore it is full of bumps and holes like kids, mood swings, work, cooking, thoughts, friends, blablabla! But it could be a great journey if instead of concentrating on differences between men and women, we concentrate on how we can learn from each other and help each other along the way. Until next time, keep on being strong!


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