Lower Abs Exercise of the Month – Body Tucks!

On September 23, 2011 by LordFury
Hello Everyone,
Your personal online training coach here. Since I’m slowly growing my blog and making it more exciting for everyone, I decided to add a new wow for everyone and do the “Exercises of the Month mini series”. There will be exercises for different parts of your body, but I want to focus on the most important part for my readers first – lower abdominals aka baby fat!.So without any further boring prep talk here is the video and the summary below

Exercise: – Body Tucks
Number of Sets: 3
Number of Repetitions per Set: 10-Easy 20-Moderate, 30-Hard, 40-ExpertHow To (Description of one single set):Easy
1) Sit down on the mat and lean back. Put your hands behind you facing inward for balance.
2)Lift your legs 6 inches of the ground
3)Tuck the legs as close to your body as possible
4)Straighten them out

Do steps 1-4 (above) and hold your extended legs for 5 seconds then repeat steps 1-4 again once

Do steps 1-4 (above) and hold your legs for 5 seconds then repeat steps 1-4 hold your extended
legs for 5 more seconds and repeat steps 1-4 once again

Same thing as hard plus one more extended legs hold for 5 seconds and 10 more tuck repetitions

Common Mistakes

1)Putting too much weight on your hands! That takes away from your abdominal work and puts the work on to your triceps BAD!!!!
2) Leaning to far back, that puts a lot of strain on your lower back. The last thing you want to do is injure yourself
3)Touching your feet to the ground, ummm might as well not do the exercise

Ways to make it harder:

1)Increase the amount of repetitions.
2)Increase the length of time you hold your extended legs between repetitions
3)Remove the arms and hold it strictly using your abs( you might want to lift your legs a lil higher than 6 inches so that your lower back is completely flat on the ground)
4) hold 5-15lbs dumbell in front of you, or behind your head as you are doing the body tucks!

Hope you enjoyed this video and article post. As always rate, comment, send me an email, and ask questions! Peace out!


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