Motivation or Who the hell wants to workout?

On September 13, 2011 by LordFury

Motivation or Who the hell wants to workout?

Hello, it’s your online personal training coach Yuriy Nagorny here.
So today I have a very important topic to discuss – Motivation. I had an overwhelming amount of emails
come in from clients and readers asking me to post an article on this.
Let’s face it we all need motivation, even me, but when you recently had a kid, got used to eating
sweets and watching “The Notebook” or “House” motivation is almost impossible to find. In fact, I recently read
on a personal training forum that motivation comes from action, but it’s that first time motivation is
I gotta say I agree except for that I don’t call it motivation. That first time you tell yourself that you are
going to go to the gym or things will be different is called a decision. Right after that, it is commitment
and only then it is motivation.
So let’s say you have drafted your New Year’s resolution and decided that you are going to lose that baby
fat. (maybe a little extra too). How do you commit? How do you pass up the “Scarface” movie on TV and
risk missing the “Say hello to my lil friend” scene?
Why would you want to sweat and get tired? I am about to show you how. Of course it is up to you to
listen to me or not. But if you don’t know the answer to why you should listen to me, well I guess you are
on the wrong site. You want to sweat and get tired so that later you can be stunningly beautiful, sexy,
elegant, wanted and loved by all.


  1. Go through your schedule and mark the times for every week when you are going to work out.
    (4 days a week minimum)Run it by your husband, your kids and your friends, to let them know you are serious
    about it and if anything you want them to remind you and make you go if you become lazy.

    What is going to happen is that you will start to sweat and the lactic acid will start developing in your
    muscles making them warm tired and a little sore. Once you finish that exercise you will be hooked. Your
    mind will tell you well I walked or drove all the way to the gym, might as well keep exercising, or if you are
    at home it will say I am already gross and will have to take a shower might as well keep going.
    What happens is you take that initial action and we all know energy doesn’t disappear it just transforms
    into a different state, so that action transforms into motivation. Let me make this clear, once you start
    working out that initial time, you will get positive energy, it will relieve you of daily stress, it’s going to
    make you gain self-esteem and push harder. you lose 5 pounds = suddenly you look better in the mirror, it
    makes you think of the times when you were slimmer or of what can happen if you were slimmer, so you
    keep going. Suddenly your husband gives you flowers and tells you that you look wonderful tonight, now
    you are really motivated, but wait there is more, in a few weeks people start treating you differently! Your
    friend start to gossip about how good you look, men start whistling, even your kids(if you have grown up
    kids) start saying my mom looks amazing. Now you feel so energized that not only are you motivated it is
    hard for you to imagine life without the work out. Its truebut just like me there will be days when you just
    feel lazy no matter how much you would like to workout, so here is a list of things that help my clients,
    myself and women in general that I came up with that should help you.


  1. Schedule your workouts and write them down in a notebook or record to your iPod. Perhaps tape it to
    the bathroom door.
  2. Video tape yourself, take a picture of yourself and of the person you are aspiring to be like.
    Here’s a little back story for you.
    About a month ago I was at a business conference in LA and I met
    Bruce Buffer. He is the voice of UFC and a very successful individual and he was coaching me and other
    like-minded individuals about motivation! He was telling us about how he grew up, how he met his half-
    brother Michael Buffer, but most importantly he talked to us about what helped him get motivated in his
    business and speak and announce. He said “I simply took a video camera and was able to watch myself
    from the side.” I could see what I’m doing wrong, my body language, my movements. I figured out that if I
    do a turn 180 it takes me a lot less time to go to the other side of the cage while announcing”.
    Now what you should take from this? Record yourself, take pictures, (later to be used as “BEFORE
    PICTURE”) and identify the areas that you need to work on! Study yourself. Identify the areas you need
    to work on, whether it is your belly, your buttocks or hips or your thighs. Set the goal of how much you
    would like to lose and how fast.
    IMPORTANT If you don’t feel comfortable with this, get a picture of an inspirational celebrity or someone
    you know and tape it to your mirror! For instance one of my friends did it with Britney Spears’s picture.
    It was the “Hit Me Baby One More Time” poster. Her goal is to look like Britney in a year, but the first
    milestone for her is getting half way there in 3 months!
  3. Purchase an amazing dress, or a pair of jeans, which are 2-5 sizes smaller than you and hang it your
    room where you can always see it.

     Go to your favorite clothing store, and buy a moderately expensive dress or jeans or whatever it is you
    know will draw your attention every day. Imagine wearing this dress or jeans, imagine dancing in it, or
    hanging out in it. I mean think about the time when you were able to fit into a dress like this, perhaps
    right before you got pregnant or maybe it was when you were in high school. Imagine fitting into this type
    of dress again, imagine the attention you will get and the positive energy you will have. It’s ok to be silly!
  4. Reward Yourself.
    Create a “WOW” experience for yourself. Now, what do I mean by that? Plan and say the following to
    yourself, or maybe even add it to your calendar: “If I reach my 2 week goal, or have been working out for 2
    weeks, I will go with my Husband to the “Jacuzzi Gardens”, or I will buy myself a giant cake, or I will take
    my kids to a picnic, or I will eat some pizza, or I will go with my boyfriend on a date…whatever it is that
    will make you or those around you say “WOW, that was great”, or “WOW, it wasn’t that bad”, or “WOW
    i’m going to enjoy this”, or “WOW check out Amber, she is starting to look amazing!” Whatever it is that
    will make you say WOW!
    This will energize you with positive energy, and you will look forward to meeting your next goal so that
    you can enjoy this amazing experience.
  5. Think about workout as a stress reliever or an outlet
    Whether you have been up all night taking care of your screaming love bunny, or working all day with
    coworkers breathing down your neck, or your boss yelling at you for visiting my website during work time,
    whatever the case may be think of working out as a stress reliever. So for instance if your workout is lifting
    weights then imagine as you are pushing that weight you are pushing all the stress and problems that
    accumulated throughout the day, away. If you are running and sweating think about sweat leaving your
    body as your problems leave your body. I know it sounds silly but it is a positive mindset that will get you
    to make an extra effort and an extra push.
  6. Imagine you are already there!
    Think of all the benefits your life will have especially if you tried different workout programs and nothing
    worked! This is what makes my future workout and me different from all the trainers out there. What
    do most fitness companies, personal trainers and fat burner companies try to do? Sell you the features
    of the workouts and fake promises. They tell you well our workout doesn’t include one single crunch
    or our workout has jump rope included in it or my favorite, sit at home use the shake weight and you
    will gain a huge bicep. Why do people buy that stuff? Because they are trying to find an easy way, for the
    magic bullet, that will help them to be healthy again. It doesn’t work that way. Forget all that nonsense,
    to motivate yourself don’t think about how many times you have to do jump rope instead think, I just lost
    25 lbs(even if you just lost 1lbs) my life will has changed, I have a better job, I get paid more, people look
    up to me, people tell my kids I look hot, my husband started being more attentive, I have no self-esteem
    problems, I am wearing my dress. I mean the benefits that you are getting far outweigh the sweat pain and
    one hour a day for 4 days that you have to put in. The positive energy is a very powerful thing.

I hope this article gave you some ideas on how to decide to commit and motivate yourself, and I hope I am
going to get a lot of feedback and comments on this one! Peace you all!

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