About Yuriy

Yuriy “THE FURY” Nagorny grew up in Kiev, Ukraine where he rapidly developed love for working out, fitness, martial arts and other contact sports.  His passion for athletics and fitness came out of  watching boxing legends Mike Tyson, and the Klitchko Brothers and a desire to be stronger and faster than others. “I basically wanted to be a bad ass at first!”  But watching his dad working with children and coaching the true figure skating stars, and watching the joy of skaters and parents, changed the desire to be super popular into a desire to help others.

At the age of 15 and 1/2 Yuriy and his family moved to Sylvania, OH a small town in the greater Toledo area. Right away he joined a “Kenpo Karate” school led by Michael Sherman, a 5th degree Black Belt and well known Buckeye martial artist sensei. Through dedication and commitment to the art and to the school, Yuriy achieved his first degree black belt. Soon after this accomplishment, he attended Miami University and got himself a Computer Science degree (yes he is a geek at heart), along with a minor in Exercise Science and Physical Training.

Upon Graduating from school, Yuriy went on to become a computer programmer but soon discovered that his true passion lies with fitness and helping people achieve their exercise goals. He got a certification through the NCSF and started teaching clients specifically women who suffer from obesity or postpartum weight. His most amazing accomplishment is helping a woman lose just over 105lbs in 6month.  “The main thing is to lose weight mentally, to get it in your head and once you are mentally prepared the physical weight is just time. I think that is what is different about me, I get into people’s heads, I push them and reward them and they might even hate me at times but once they look in the mirror they call me and thank me! And that is the greatest feeling in the world”.

Yuriy is also a product of a product, he is competing in powerlifting and is taking Jiu Jitsu, MMA and continuing his Kenpo Karate learning. He has recently became a Beach Body online coach and opened a fit club where he trains people in a group setting, and educates them about proper nutrition and exercise. He is also an assistant instructor 2nd degree sensei in Kenpo Karate and helps train kids and run black belt tests!  He continues to train for and compete at Karate and Grappling tournaments.

Finally he has been traveling around the world trying to interview sports personalities. He is very excited about this blog and sharing his knowledge and passion with everyone!



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