Sexy After?

What is sexy after and what is it about?

Sexy after is simply a blog where I, Yuriy Nagorny will share my knowledge and articles  on the most important topics related to proper nutrition, diet, exercise and healthy lifestyle. The primary focus of this blog is to help women lose the baby fat in 60 days without dieting, starving or taking any pills that damage your internal systems

I will be answering questions, posting audio and video interviews with sports personalities , addressing health issues, but most importantly will show you the way on how to get that sexy body back. I will create eBooks, Products, guides all so you can easily achieve your goals whatever they may be!

My goal is simply to help as many women as I can, because I care!

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  • Amanda

    Hey Yuriy! I’m a 37 year old woman and I started working out about a month ago with a personal trainer. I need to lose quite a bit of weight. One of my biggest challenges is finding good sources of protein that I will enjoy that aren’t full of too many calories or carbs. I get bored easily with the same food over and over, so any ideas would be great. Thanks!!! ~ Amanda

    • LordFury

      Hi Amanda,
      Below is my short answer to your question. Once I update the website I will be able to give you a video answer, perhaps displaying different foods.
      OK so here is the list of foods with the low carbs and a massive amount healthy protein and essential amino acids

      • Chicken – Three ounces of chicken contain 25 grams of dietary protein which is more than 10 times that found in a comparable serving of vegetables, so if you are not a vegetarian it is always the best source of protein, and if its cooked right(lean) there isn’t that much carbs in it
      • Eggs – contains 6 ounces of high-quality protein. Eggs help your body sustain muscle mass and energy
      • Fish – This would be my number 2 after chicken , but if you want to get technical according to the World’s
      • Healthiest Foods website, a 4-ounce serving of tuna, cod, snapper, shrimp or salmon will provide more than half of the body’s daily requirement of protein.
      • Nuts – peanuts are the most rich in protein about 10 grams per ounce. They are followed by pine nuts, almonds, cashews, and pistachios.I would take 10 -15 as a snack during the day
      • Soy – either milk or tofu. Low fat lots of protein.
      • Brocolli and Asparagus – I don’t like it but most people do :)
      • Black Beans although often times they are not enough, and needs to be eaten in combination with other proteins!

      Hope this helps.
      Good luck

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