23. 09. 2011
Bicycle abs

Lower Abs Exercise of the Month – Body Tucks!

Hello Everyone, Your personal online training coach here. Since I’m slowly growing my blog and making it more exciting for everyone, I decided to add a new wow for everyone and do the...

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13. 09. 2011

Motivation or Who the hell wants to workout?

Motivation or Who the hell wants to workout? Hello, it’s your online personal training coach Yuriy Nagorny here. So today I have a very important topic to discuss – Motivation. I had an...

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28. 08. 2011
Marketer with Marshmallow

Motivation – How to Get Your Man to Workout With You?

Well, due to popular demand I decided to finally post this article.WARNING: DON’T READ THIS ARTICLE IF YOU THINK YOU ARE PERFECT OR IF YOU ARE ONE OF THE WOMEN WHO DOESN’T WANT...

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