The Naked Truth About Fat Burning Pills

On August 17, 2011 by LordFury

DON’T DO IT! (Ok that’s just my opinion. Watch the video or read this post because it could prove useful!)


Fat Burners are promoted by a bunch of ass wipes that are trying to get your money. They play on people’s hearts because people are very emotional about their weight due in part to hating how they look, wanting to attract the opposite sex or they are just trying to be a sexy mommy to feel better.


The reality is that Supplement Company Marketers know emotional connection people have to their weight and so they constantly use it against the buyer by putting beautifully crafted sentences into the description of the fat burners. I hope this article will open your eyes so that you are at least more cautious when before buying something like fat burners products. You will also find out that they can be used by professional athletes for a particular purpose or in one single instance, but for majority of the people they are bad news.

The reality is that Fat Burners will work for short term results and they will absolutely not work for long term results.

Marketer with Marshmallow

But that’s also a cool marketing trick, if you see that something works you believe it will work, so you keep taking it and spend more money! This is very serious business. Lots of supplement companies are having fun and roasting marshmallows, while laughing about making money by selling a bunch of fat burners to you and your family and taking your money that you worked so hard to earn. Of course all that is nothing in comparison to the real truth behind fat burning pills.




Most fat burners contain drug like caffeine and ephedrine. What they do in the body is act in combination as very strong stimulants. They stimulate your metabolism by as much as 10% a day!

Cat on Caffeine

However what the smart marketers aka Supplement Company’s will do is grab their natural form (caffeine = Gurana plant, ephedrine = Ephedra) and put them in the product, so that they can sell them as an all natural product. However they are still drugs just in natural form, kinda like weed whose natural form is also a plant!  But don’t take my word for it, check out some of the popular fat burners out there and look at the ingredients label and you will find caffeine ephedrine, gurana, or ephedra family plant of some sort). Some of the most popular brands are:

Phenterex™,  Phentremene™, Xenamine™,  Avaprex™, Hoodia™, Apidexin™, Hydroxycut™. (These are the most popular in 2011). Check ‘em out and you will see that they all contain some form of caffeine, ephedrine or some type of stimulants.



As I mentioned before, fat burning pills can increase your metabolism as much as 10 % a day. This is very effective if you are on a very low calorie diet and you are spending and exerting the most amount of energy through exercising; your metabolism at the end of the day will be very low and that is when a fat burner could be used because it can boost those 10% to help you lose those last 5 lbs of fat. This could be very effective if you are about 3 weeks away from a bodybuilding competition, but for the rest of the people what it will do is cause diarrhea, which brings me to the bad side effects.


Side Effects:

  • Diarrhea = water loss and messing with neuro-transmitters in the brain, which leads to loss of appetite
  • Increased heart rate = you start sweating after a small jog, a lot sooner then normally
  • Headaches
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Urinary retention, prostate problems
  • Angina or Chest Pains
  • Tremors – nothing like your palms shaking, or shoulders twitching!!!

Fewer Cases but yet extreme side effects include:

  • Stroke
  • Heart Attack
  • Death

If you have a heart condition or high blood pressure don’t ever, EVER EVER mess with fat burners!


If you want to experiment you can but know that it will not help you in the long run, so really the only time you should use it is if you are at 5% body fat a very extreme competitive athlete.




Long term effects can be really bad especially if you develop an addiction and no matter how many blog posts I or somebody else will write on this topic, marketers will keep doing what they do best and lots of people will waste their money. That’s right Fat Burners are not going to disappear. They are with us for good! WHY? Well that is easy to answer because of the three components that marketers thrive on:


1) Words and sentences like “Say Goodbye to Your Stubborn fat”, “Look Sexy for the Rest of your Lives”, “Grab Control of Your Life With This Simple 24 hour Solution” ties human emotion to the product and your heart tells you that your healthy look is more important then money, so you spend more (I already mentioned it).


2) The fat burners are very addictive because just like recreational commonly used drugs if you use them for long periods of time your body becomes dependent on them. If your common sense tells you to get off them your body will experience so called symptoms of withdrawal not to mention the energy and appetite loss, which in effect will make you depressed and either get on depression medication (woo-hoo, more pills to swallow), or get back on the fat burners which can create lots of health problems for you.


3) The short term results convince you that the product works and you not only spend more money but also tell your friends who are interested in losing some body fat.


Before And After Truth about Fat Burner Ads


Some people might argue and say “No, but I’ve seen the testimonials and they have long term results and letters all over the websites proving that fat burners are very effective even in the long term”. EEEERRRR, WRONG! Take a look at my video if you haven’t, and I will demonstrate how I can make myself look fat and ripped in the same picture, even without proper lighting and technology like Adobe Photoshop. These companies who pay lots of money to people to outsource their stuff can edit pictures beyond belief in a matter of minutes. So please don’t buy into this crap unless you know the people personally!


To Summarize


-Fat Burner pills are here to stay.

-Fat Burner pills have some form of caffeine and ephedrine in them, which are very powerful stimulants and can lead to bad long term health effects.

-Marketers get paid the big bucks to do what they do best – Market.

-Professional writers write emotional hooks to grab customers’ attention

-Fat Burners are only good for short term results, but will never work long term.

-Consult with your physician before taking fat burner pills.

-Never take fat burners of any kind if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure. Only take the pills if you are a professional athlete crunching before the competition time

-Figure out if the risk of facing side effect is worth it.

-Listen to your body at all times.

-Realize that the only true way to lose weight is to live a healthy life style, follow a great nutrition plan, and exercise regularly.


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