What’s the Right Workout for Me?

On August 11, 2011 by LordFury

What Is The Right Workout For Me?

It is the evening on the 1st of January, you just finished loading the last batch of dishes from the night before, your kids are in bed, husband is sleeping and it is finally your alone quiet time. You sit down at your computer and start reviewing your New Years Resolution List. First thing on the list is getting in shape; you know you want to lose at least 15 lbs off your belly and 3 inches of your waist before your cousin’s summer wedding arrives. You are mentally prepared, “This time I am going to stick to it! This time I’ll be strong! This time I won’t quit! This time I’ll pull through!”  Full of self-motivation, you pull up Google on your computer and type “Workout to lose weight fast”, press enter and OMG within micro-seconds a gazillion different workouts, tips and tricks, fat-blocker pill ads , You Tube self made videos, big franchises, and yes even Richard Simmons are jumping off the screen at you. Overwhelmed, you start to panic and think, “How the hell do am I suppose to know what the right workout for me is?”  You jump over to Facebook and ask some friends for some advice about their experiences with P90X, gyms, Crossfit, Zumba. After getting some feedback andyou finally decide to try P90X because, most of your friends have tried it and say it’s an intense workout and can deliver good results. You’re excited and still motivated BUT, after you start p90x you realize quickly, this is not for you and you just waisted a bunch of money on something that is good but doesn’t fit for you.Ok, I just described one of the typical scenarios for stay at home moms, or just very busy people. And that is precisely why a lot of people get frustrated, quit half way through the workout and unfortunately waste a lot of money.So, you ask – How do you pick the right workout? Are we really screwed, Yuriy?


NO, there is still hope! I’m here for you, and you have two options:

1 – Perform heavy research on the subjects of nutrition, exercise and waste some more money and time trying to figure out the mysteries and keys to success of personal weight loss.

2 – Ask your friendly neighborhood fitness expert, Yuriy Nagorny.


For those of you who went with option number 1 please quit reading this post, since it will be of no use to you.

For the rest of you, who went with option number 2 I am happy to break it down for  you step by step.


As I have mentioned before I will not bullshit to you, because my goal is to reach out to as many people as possible and help as much as I can. So even though I said I’ll break it down to you step by step it is not going to be an easy task, because we are all different. Keeping that in mind lets dive into how to choose the right workout.


1. Think about What Is Fun for You

If you are someone that get’s bored easily, you will want to avoid activities such as running on the treadmill, which is by the way one of the most useless exercises. It is very good for warming up and getting your heart rate up, but otherwise it’s bad for you knees and it usually involves another activity like watching TV or reading, which breaks your concentration. I mean if you can’t really watch TV and make love to your significant other, or brush your teeth while solving your kid’s story problem why would you run and watch TV? It doesn’t make sense and it absolutely does no good!  I bought my mother a treadmill and it is now called a ‘dust collector’ for a reason… whoops got carried away. If you lack motivation than consider working out with a friend, spouse, kids, trainer, or with a group; if you hate gyms, consider buying a workout DVD, but again after consulting with people who tried whatever it is you are buying; if you absolutely hate working out in general, well you could buy the Wii fit and play different games while working out, and if even that is not an option for you well then walk to the stores instead of driving. There are always options, but whatever is fun for you make sure you are committed to it which brings me to point number 2.


2. Be Consistent and Commit

The decision to workout is not always easy but most of us decide to do so for health, happiness, and to look sexy. So you decide to start working out, but in a few weeks something comes up and you become distracted, or forget about your decision to work out and desire to look sexy again. How to commit? Simple think about being sexy after giving birth to a baby, sexy after having a surgery, sexy after your reach 50 years old, sexy after a long weekend with family and what being attractive and sexy will do for you. If you look sexy, you have people looking up to, encourage you all the time, and your husband or boyfriend pays more attention to you. The sex life will be back and far more exciting. So let those thoughts motivate you and keep you committed.
Try to plan your workouts a week at a time, and schedule them around the same time each day you are working out. Your muscles like repetitions, you can’t work out once and then forget about it. Most importantly if you don’t workout consistently you will be constantly sore after each time you do decide to workout which will lead to fatigue and lack of motivation.


3. Determine Your Budget

Be realistic and honest!  If you are on a very tight budget, the good news is you don’t even have to have a gym membership. Your own body, couple of dumbbells or kettle-bells a few resistance bands will supply all the equipment that you will ever need. You have so many exercises at your disposal (burpies, bear crawls, leg lifts, power squats, mountain climbers, ski jumps, high knees, butt kicks, kettle-bell swings, turns twist, external rotations, pulls, push-ups, etc……..a lot! (I will be covering some in my video and text posts later).

If you have money, consider a personal trainer (either at a gym or online). I am an online personal trainer and have had trainers of my own. I can say the benefits of having a trainer including advance knowledge, assistance with motivation, increased challenge and push to meet goals, etc. which are all a great payoffs on the initial investment.


4. Figure Out Your Intensity Level

If you are a tough woman consider ‘boot camps’ (offered by gyms, some community health departments, etc.). These are good especially if you are motivated by someone yelling at you (boy, am I good at that!). The benefit of this approach is I can get in your head and you ultimately push harder and harder. That way I know how to break you and what your biggest weaknesses are.

If on the other hand you are extremely overweight and/or just starting out then consider buying a Wii fit game, or just start out walking constantly and even standing instead of sitting at work. Slowly increase the level of intensity. If you fit this group you would probably benefit from a health expert and coach the most, because it will be harder for you especially at the beginning to get through emotional and physical barriers, when in fact it is a lot easier to lose weight if you are heavier.


5. Isolate Muscle Groups or Vary the Type of Exercises

Besides warming up and stretching, don’t work all muscle groups in the same day. Try not to buy workout programs that throw everything at you at once. Not one single professional athlete does that. Pick a workout which works your major muscle groups on the separate days. Of course if your only problem area is your belly then instead of switching muscle groups switch the type of exercises. For example on the first day do some crunches, twists, dips, ball push-ups, turns with the ball. On the second day do cardio abs and on the third do runs and jumps then repeat through the week with rest on Sunday. That is just a hypothetical example but you get the idea.


6. Drink Plenty of Fluids

Whether you are training with a coach or by yourself you must always drink water to avoid cramps, and some kind of protein drink afterwards to recover energy and repair your muscles. It’s important for your muscles to be repaired to avoid muscle tears, soreness and bruising. Water speeds up the recovery process!


7. Know The Length of The Workout before Investing!

The length of the workout should never be less than 25 min and no longer than hour. Ok, if you are a professional wrestler chances are you can do longer workouts but for most women, especially busy ones that is more than plenty. Your cortisone levels increase and so your metabolism actually starts slowing down after its peak, and I am pretty sure that is not what you ladies want. Plus any kind of overuse injury is not good, believe me. I’ve seen too many professional athletes have those and it can take years for those to heal!


Notice how the 7 points  are very concise, and I could make 25 point list but I wanted to keep it fairly simple. Also, it is important to note that I said schedule your workouts and didn’t mention what to do if you just don’t have time. I didn’t mention it because that is simply not an excuse and if you think you really don’t have time, subscribe to my blog, write me an email and I will personally walk through your day with you and find PLENTY OF TIME. Remember you don’t need more than 45 min a day. I guarantee every single person has 45 minutes in a day that they waste!


I hope this article will help you when you are motivated to choose the right workout for yourself, your spouse or your kids. If you are confused or have any questions on technical terms, exercises, and my personal experience, by all means shoot me an email and I will help you every step of the way!


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